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The “Learning Pages-Study Guides” are included in the price of both the custom and stock portion recordings and downloaded in the PDF format. However, more advanced cantors who do not need recordings can order just the Learning Pages to have a handy practice sheet wherever they go. This is how you get them without recordings.

1. You can look up what you want via the drop-down menus.

2. Please make sure that the verses you are ordering follow the Hebrew Numbering system as they appear in the Tikkun and other Hebrew Scripture Versions. The American/Gentile Scripture numbers do not always match.

3. Check the “Last Line” that pops up under your selection to be sure it matches what you are looking for.

4. You can use my “Contact” form to order what you want, and I will email you when it is added to the list. Include the numerical references, and the last line in English. This can take a few hours, or a few days, depending on customer volume and day of the week. Then you can download it for the same price as the others.  This price is limited to one “aliyah” per download.*

*Each Shabbat “portion” is divided into seven “Aliyot”, with a short ending of the last one called the “Maftir”.  Most beginners are only going to use part of one aliyah for their “portion”.  However, for more advanced cantors, I will allow the Study Guides to contain up to a whole aliyah for the same price.  Longer aliyot may contain more pages in the download than the traditional four for most beginner’s portions and will not contain the usual beginner’s phrase divisions and phrase family charts.


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