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Custom Made Portion Recordings

Here, you can order your own custom made portion with many different options. Find more information about your choices in the “My Specialties” section on the “Home” page. Find out what you need to know from your Rabbi or Bat Mitzvah Teacher hereListen to sample recordings in the “Demo” section linked above.

Premade Portions

As custom portions are ordered, they later become available for resale. This means that the downloads are available as soon as I receive payment. Please listen to and sing with the snippet next to your portion on the list to make sure the portion is not too high or too low for your voice.

Learning Pages

The “Learning Pages-Study Guides” are included in the price of both the custom and premade portion recordings and downloaded in the PDF format. However, more advanced cantors who do not need recordings can order just the Learning Pages to have a handy practice sheet wherever they go. This is how you get them without recordings.


Take Lessons Live Online

For a limited number of students, I am offering one-on-one classes in Torah Singing, A.K.A. “Cantillation”. We can use Skype or Google Chat. In fifteen weeks, you will learn the trope symbols, the Sh’ma & V’Ahavta, and a portion of your choice that can be used in your congregation.


I am also preparing to enter the world of Patreon soon to offer weekly classes. Contact me for more information.

Trope Trainer Deluxe

This program is a do-it-yourself complete package deluxe. It teaches the Hebrew pronunciations, as well as all of the music. It contains wonderful tutorials to walk you through each trope family. High voices, low voices, birdie voices, etc, make for lots of fun and variety. Your Rabbi may have to help you choose the right settings, but once that is done, it remembers you. You can get it for one portion or all. Great tool if you plan to do a lot of Torah Canting!

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