Before you start learning the music, be sure you know all of the words. Your Hebrew teacher should check all of your pronunciations. Once you are ready to learn the music, the most important thing to remember is not to try to learn it all at once! It is actually easier and faster to learn and remember the music if you learn one phrase at a time. My PDF “Learning Pages” are already divided into phrases for you, and each average phrase is usually about 3 to 6 words. The recordings are numbered to match the numbers on the Learning Page. You also have a recording labeled “All”. This is the entire portion properly fitted together. Make a second copy of the PDF just for practicing! I usually fold my practice copy like this, so with the pointed script up here, and unpointed down here. Then I trim the edges with scissors and fold it again so that it easily fits into my jeans or purse. Then, whenever I have a spare minute, I can take out the paper and practice. You can use the recordings as necessary until you don’t need them anymore, but do not use the recordings alone! You must be following the words, so that you will be learning what they look like and be able to follow them properly on the scroll. For more instructions, move on to Tip 1 Part 2: PDF Phrases.