Phrase 1

Now take out your learning page. Start with the pointed side. Say the first phrase. Listen to the first phrase. Sing the phrase. Do this two or three times until you feel you have it. Then, flip the paper over and repeat the three steps without the pointing. Do not skip this step! Then switch back and forth, practicing both sides. Learn to see the words both ways right from the beginning, and it will be so much easier and faster!

Say-listen-sing, flip, say-listen-sing.

Say-listen-sing, flip, say-listen-sing.

Soon you will not need to say or listen anymore, and it becomes:

sing-flip-sing, just getting used to following the words and singing the tune.

Soon after that, you will realize that you no longer need the pointed side. So, the next time you get the paper out, just use the unpointed first and flip to check. When you have gotten it right at least three times in a row, and are feeling very confident, you are ready to move on.  Part 3 will be “Combining Phrases”.